One-Off Acura NSX Type S Celebrates Very Special Anniversary

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This livery should be a factory option.

The second-generation Acura NSX has been around since 2017, and to celebrate its time with us, the automaker recently revealed the NSX Type S, a 600-horsepower limited-edition send-off. Despite its ridiculous price tag in some parts of the world, the stunning supercar is already sold out. But while you and I can't get our hands on one even if we tried, lubricant specialist Motul has acquired one example and has now teased turned it into a moving billboard for the brand to celebrate a very special occasion. We love the retro look that proves what Honda fanboys have been saying since the Nineties: red and white is an epic combo.


The special digital livery was developed in collaboration with Acura and draws inspiration from historic Motul race cars. As an added nod to aftermarket upgrades, the car also gains a set of gorgeous brushed gold HRE Vintage FMR 527M two-piece wheels. You may be wondering why a limited edition like this is being used for something as banal as marketing, but Motul's highly popular 300V flagship range of racing oils has now been around for 50 years and the company needed something special to celebrate. As part of the festivities at the 2021 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach this past weekend, Motul launched a new line of 300V oils too.

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These new oils not only offer improved performance under high-pressure and high-heat racing conditions but have also been developed to reduce their ecological impact. Motul says that the "base stocks are comprised of non-fossil renewable materials, decreasing Motul's carbon footprint while upholding its commitment to performance." The new range will also be beneficial to enthusiasts at all levels, with it encompassing oils for top-tier motorsports as well as for historic and modern-classic race cars. That's the kind of news we like to hear. As the electric age could one day deem our enthusiast cars like the NSX too dirty, any little bit of advancement to keep internal combustion on the road in a clean way is something we can get behind.

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