Move Over Juke-R, Nissan Qashqai R is in Town


Cheaper than a Juke-R and more rapid than a Veyron, the next insane Nissan is here.

We first caught wind of Severn Valley Motorsport ‘s outrageous project back in March, and now the British tuning company’s Nissan Qashqai R creation has fully to come light. For those unfamiliar with the car, the Qashqai is a crossover built in the UK (and elsewhere) bigger than the Juke. The model used by the company responsible for the 1,250hp GT-R called The Hulk is the seven-seater Qashqai+2. Its bigger shape was deemed more suitable for a GT-R engine transplant.

In fact the full floor plan and chassis of the GT-R adapts nicely to the crossover, which was stripped of all unnecessary luxuries to accommodate Godzilla’s chassis and 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6. Where the Juke R uses a standard spec engine, the first ever Qashqai R receives a host of upgrades, including Stage 6 GT1100 turbos and motorsport-spec first gear. The result is around 1,000hp on tap, however the standard 542-hp engine remains available to customers. SVM aims to “out-accelerate a Bugatti Veyron to 150 mph,” while performance figures should read 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 secs, a sub-ten quarter-mile, and top speed of over 200 mph.

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Exterior mods include GT-R wheels, extended wheel arches, rear spoiler, custom hood with air vents and a panoramic glass roof. Subtlety is the key as the tuner wants street sleeper status for the Qashqai R. Inside, it will receive a custom roll cage, Recaro front seats, as well as some back seats with SVM currently undecided as to how many. Where the Juke R retails for around £400,000 (or $650k), a 542-hp Qashqai R is being priced at a reasonable £180,000. With all the juicy options, however, that number will jump considerably.