Move Over Maybach: This Is The Mercedes-Benz S-Class XXL By ARES Atelier


For those that can't wait for the upcoming S600 Pullman.

While we expect the S-Class Pullman to be unveiled in Geneva, ARES Atelier has introduced a similar creation dubbed the Mercedes S-Class XXL. After stretching and reinforcing the chassis of the stock S-Class, the luxury automotive design house then added a carbon-fiber body kit, as well as 6-mm thick tempered side glass, high-performance brakes, a new transmission and a set of 21-inch wheels.

Inside, the cabin comes with "vis-a-vis first class rear seats," nappa leather upholstery, a 17-inch foldable HD screen that flips down from the headliner, consoles with cooling boxes, electric curtains, iPads, new sound system, and WLAN with external antenna. An armored version complete with bomb detector is also available, while power comes from the Merc's 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 modified to deliver more than 600 hp.

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