Move Over One-77: The 800-HP Vulcan Is The Most Extreme Aston Martin Ever

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We can expect to see more cars like this, just in a less extreme form.

Even though Aston Martin has already offered racing versions of its cars for track use for some time, the new Ferrari FXX K and the just-debuted McLaren P1 GTR have upped the ante considerably for track-focused hypercars, and Aston is getting in on the action with the Vulcan. The car has just been unveiled ahead of its first showing in Geneva, and it looks fantastic. It is front mid-engine, with a 7.0-liter naturally-aspirated V12 producing "over 800" horsepower, and no hybridization.

Aston Martin

It has an F1-style pushrod suspension and the monocoque and body are all carbon fiber. Just looking at it, you can probably tell it isn't street legal, but it has been built to comply with FIA regulations, and Aston will be holding a series of events for it to compete in, pretty much exactly the same thing McLaren is doing with the P1. No word on price, but we do know that only 24 will be produced, and we're guessing that they won't be cheap or easy to get a hold of. The design language of the car is said to be used in future Astons, so we'll be bringing you some hopefully better-lit photos when it's shown in Geneva next week.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin

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