Move Over Toyota – BMW's the World's Most Valuable Car Brand

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After a one year absence, BMW is back on top in terms of brand value.

In the automotive industry, a brand's name and reputation is everything. A consumer's perception of a brand is quite often the decisive factor when it comes to him or her purchasing a new car or even their willingness to pay more for one brand over another. The BrandZ Top 100 global survey has long been regarded as one of the best indicators of how valuable each brand is compared to its rivals and they have just released some interesting news that will surely satisfy BMW fans everywhere.

For those who weren't aware, over the last few years, the survey has featured an epic battle between the German and Japanese automakers. In the 2010 report BMW was named number one among automakers, while the previous four years belonged to Toyota. According to the most recent results, BMW's brand value rose 10 percent over the past 12 months to $24.62 billion while Toyota's dipped by 10 percent to $21.78 billion. German automakers Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Audi all saw their brand value rise in 2012 mainly due to strong sales growth in Asia.

And much like Toyota, Japanese automakers Lexus, Nissan and Honda all recorded a decline. More than likely, the natural disasters that struck Japan in March 2011 played a signifcant role in these downgrades. According to Peter Walshe, the global brand director for Millward Brown, which measures brand equity, BMW is back on top because they have "been able to effecitvely communicate what sets it apart from other carmakers, while backing up its message with a very decent product and have been absolutely consistent in the long-term regarding what is meaningfully different about their brand in highly competitve market places."

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Without further adieu, here is the complete list of top brand values in the $ billion. 1. BMW $24.6 2. Toyota $21.8 3. Mercedes $16.1 4. Honda $12.7 5. Nissan $9.9 6. VW $8.5 7. Ford $7.0 8. Audi $4.7 9. Hyundai $3.6 10. Lexus $3.4

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