Move over Volvo, Tesla Model S is the Safest Car in History


Its made with spaceship parts, what do you expect?

We all know the Tesla Model S will save you dough at the gas pump, but how many of us knew Tesla's popular sedan will be the most likely to save your life? According to the NHTSA, Tesla recently ranked higher than any other automobile - including SUVs and minivans - in the NHTSA's history. The test measures the probability of injury from front, side, rear, and rollover accidents. From the front of a Model S there's no large engine block to crush passengers. Longer crumple zones absorb high speed impacts, so the amount of front trunk junk is what to be careful from.

For the sides, Tesla incorporated engineering techniques used for the Apollo Lunar Lander, namely, nestling multiple deep aluminum extrusions into the side rails of the car, perserving 64% of driver residual space. The Volvo S60, which came in second, scored 7% on the same test. For the rear, Tesla installs a double bumper to secure third row seating. The high scoring on the roll test was attributed to the battery pack being mounted below the floor plan. A roof crush test showed that it would take more than 4 Model S models stacked on an owners car to cause the roof to collapse. Tesla tested internally until the weakest points of the car achieved 5 stars. In all, the Model S achieved an unparalleled score of 5.4.

This car is seriously safe. We guess it shouldn't be a surprise, the cars contain Aerospace grade parts. After all, we are talking about a company who is simultaneously trying to build spacheships.

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