Mr. Bean Crashes his McLaren F1

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Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson has crashed his McLaren F1. He was able to escape before the supercar burst into flames.

As the Daily Mirror so succinctly put it, "Rowan Atkinson cheats death." That would be an accurate assessment, considering that he crashed his McLaren F1 into a tree and it then subsequently burst into flames. This is the second time the British comic has wrecked his 240mph supercar, having previously crashed it into a Rover Metro in 1999. He was very fortunate this time, as his F1 spun several times and then went off the road and hit a tree. The 56 year old was able to pull himself out of the F1 and made it out with minimal injury.

He was taken to a hospital for further examination. Emergency crews that arrived on the scene put out the flames jumping off of his supercar. Rowan Atkinson, star of the Mr. Bean series, recently put down a fast time on the Top Gear track and is a racing enthusiast. He purchased his F1 for £650,000.

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