MR Car Design Adds an Air Suspension to the Volkswagen Caddy


MR Car Design adds an air suspension to the Volkswagen Caddy commercial van.

While North Americans are likely unfamiliar with the Volkswagen Caddy, it is actually a popular commercial vehicle in Europe. So it seems a little strange that a tuning firm would be interested in improving it somehow. That's exactly what MR Car Design has done. Their take on the Caddy, which is based off of the fifth generation Golf, wasn't easy to pull off considering it utilizes a leaf-sprung rigid rear axle instead of a four-wheel independent suspension.

The German-based tuner started off with a long-base version direct from the factory that was equipped with passenger seats. The thing is with the Caddy is that it's both ABE (general operating permission) and has a UBB (clearance certificate) from VW. What this means is that the Caddy can be transformed fairly easily for people who have disabilities by adding a retrofitted suspension for the front and rear axles. This suspension is also useful for craftsmen with the need for loading that requires auto leveling. The suspension can be adjusted either manually or automatically.

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The tuner also added a set of 19-inch Rotiform-alloy wheels. No pricing has been announced, but MR Car Design did add they're next applying this set up to the VW Amarok pickup.