MR Car Design Tuned Ford Focus RS

The German tuning firm MR Car Design has released the details on its latest project that involves the Ford Focus RS. The tuned Focus has been transformed into an Audi RS3 and 1-Series M competitor with its upgraded performance features. MR Car Design boosted the Focus RS's power from 301-horsepower to 355-horsepower by means of an ECU remap, in-house exhaust and downpipe, 200-cell catalytic converter and sport air filter from K&N.

The RS has also shed some weight, which has resulted in a substantial reduction of the vehicle's 0 to 60 mph time to 5.9 seconds. To better manage the lateral forces on the road, MR Car Design has also fitted the Focus RS with a Variant 1 KW coilover suspension. No word on how much the entire tuning package costs.

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