Mr. Pagani Told Us What His Next Amazing Creation Will Be

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And it could arrive as soon as next year.

Arranging a time to sit and chat with Horacio Pagani isn't easy. Whether it's other media outlets or even past or future customers, Mr. Pagani is a man in demand, but he was still more than happy to talk to us over espressos on the sidelines of this year's Geneva show. As you've already seen and read, the new Huayra Roadster is this year's highlight, and Mr. Pagani told us it's the culmination of six years of hard work. But we took a chance and asked straight up what his next Italian-bred hypercar will be.

Without batting an eye he replied: "the Huayra Roadster BC." It's now time to apply all of the Huayra Roadster's completely unique aerodynamics, chassis and carbon titanium formula to the even more extreme BC, which initially arrived in coupe form exactly one year ago. 'BC' stands for Benny Caiola, Mr. Pagani's friend, mentor and first customer, who sadly passed away several years ago. What's interesting is that while we didn't know at the time of its reveal, the Huayra BC coupe was sort of a Roadster prototype hiding in plain sight. Pagani used it as an opportunity to experiment with many of the new technologies and components also developed for the Roadster. Cool.

So when will the Huayra Roadster BC arrive? Mr. Pagani was non-committal, but he's targeting next year at this very event. Of course that could change if further developments are delayed, meaning the car, for whatever reason, isn't meeting Pagani's already sky high standards. But if there's anything we've learned from Pagani over the years is that the art and science Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired philosophy should never be rushed. Achieving perfection, or the closest thing to it, is what drives men like Pagani to constantly innovate and inspire. The results speak for themselves.

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