MT Loves 2014 R8’s New Auto Box

Has Audi’s new twin-clutch automatic transmission improved the iconic supercar? Absolutely.

MotorTrend's senior features editor Jonny Lieberman was one of the few auto journos that never agreed with Audi's claim that the R8 was an everyday supercar. Primarily this was because of the much criticized R Tronic semi-automatic transmission, which, as good as it was when going fast, jerked the car around at slow speeds. When Audi refreshed the R8 for 2014, it introduced the more potent and carbon-fiber clad R8 Plus as well as replacing the transmission with a brand-new dual-clutch seven speed S Tronic.

Lieberman was duly flown to Italy to sample Audi's new products, taking the 550-hp top-of-the-line Plus around the San Marion track before going nuts for the V10 Spyder on the road.

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