MTM Brings Awesome Audis To Geneva

The Audi R8 and TT RS are hardly boring cars to begin with but MTM, the tuners who love all things VW Group, are showing off some specials versions of each at the Geneva Motor Show. The R8's exterior is almost completely chrome, which might be intended to invoke the old Auto Union racers, but even if it is it still looks weird. It doesn't matter what it looks like though, as MTM has fitted a pair of turbochargers to the V10, which now produces 777hp.

That means 0-200km/h (124mph) in 9.37 seconds and a top speed of 218mph. An adjustable sports suspension has been added, along with some huge brake rotors and 8-piston calipers. All of that power doesn't come cheap though, MTM says the R8 Biturbo cost $550,500. The TT RS might not have the towering performance of the R8 Biturbo, but MTM has managed to crank out 472hp, and that's the makings of a TT-based 911 hunter, not bad.

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