MTM Unveils its VW T300 Super Van

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A big VW van has been tricked out with a luxurious interior and a new set of shoes.

With this year's Geneva Motor Show only a few weeks away, it's not just major automakers getting ready to unveil their latest projects. European-based tuning firms have also flocked to the yearly Swiss event in the hopes of generating plenty of publicity and buzz over what owners of specific models can do to further enhance their cars. Last year, German-based tuning outfit MTM brought a modified Audi Q3 and a Volkswagen T500 minivan to the show.

Now it has just released some details and photos of its aftermarket package for the T300 van. While the exterior remains mostly untouched, it's the interior that's been given the most attention. Seriously, it's been turned into an all-encompassing comfort zone that's nicer than most people's houses. Passengers are treated to an array of completely unspoiled amenities such as a large flat panel TV, espresso machine and flat-folding leather seats and trim. For the unlucky individual left driving, MTM upgraded the van mechanically via an air suspension, twin-flow exhaust and various other improvements.

It also wears a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. With a claimed power output of around 300 horsepower, the engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Other specific details and pricing haven't been announced but we'll know more as we get closer to Geneva.

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