Muammar Gaddafi and His Libyan Rocket Car Dreams

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Col. Muammar Gaddafi is just that special type of psychotic dictator. When not on a quest to become "King of Africa," and, not to mention, killing his own people with the use of fighter bombers, tanks, and other assorted pieces of heavy military machinery, he has an interest in cars. More specifically, he wanted to get into the car building business. Seriously. Back in 2009 (when things were still going so well in Libya, at least for him), Gaddafi designed a car called the Rocket.

It can seat up to five, has a 230 hp V6, and truthfully, is not half-bad looking. Bearing a resemblance to the European Honda Civic five-door hatchback, the Rocket has an elongated front and rear ends that according to the fearless leader, is the "safest car on the planet." The interior features airbags, an inbuilt electronic defense system, and a collapsible bumper that protects passengers in head-on collisions. When addressing Gaddafi's concerns with auto safety back in 2009, the chairman of the Libyan Arab Domestic Investment company, said the following:

"The leader spent so many hours of his valuable time thinking of an effective solution" to the high number of Libyans injured in auto-related accidents. The prototype was painted Libyan revolutionary green and is "proof that the Libyan revolution is built on the happiness of man." Gaddafi, a true gearhead and public safety advocate after all. Photos courtesy of AFP/Getty.

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