Mugen Takes Honda Civic Type R To A New Level

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Honda's hot hatch has been taken to new extremes.

The Honda Civic Type R has always divided opinion. On the one hand, it's an insane track weapon that originally seemed too powerful but then proved what it could do on the Nurburgring. On the other, the styling seems to have been overseen by an eight-year-old that just watched The Fast & The Furious for the first time. Some can't look past the OTT design while others demand that its abilities on the track justify the crazy vents and wings. Well, if you think that the styling is awesome, we may have some good news. Prolific Honda tuner Mugen has just released new aero parts for the Type R, and they aren't exactly subtle.

Available in Japan from today, the three parts are a carbon hood, a carbon wing spoiler, and another spoiler below that. These aren't just random parts that some designer thought would fit with the Type R's character either. They have been subjected to computer analysis to improve heat dissipation and overall aerodynamic quality. The vented hood also has provision for drainage to prevent rainwater from entering the engine and saves 8.6 pounds for a final weight of 13.2 pounds. The rear wing spoiler has also been carefully designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and is adjustable in four ways. This piece can also be had in fiberglass if carbon is too pricey.

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The wing spoiler also saves weight, with a reduction of 7.2 pounds on the carbon piece. As mentioned earlier, these parts are limited to the Japanese market at the moment. The hood will cost the equivalent of around $9,350. The carbon wing spoiler is nominally cheaper at around $8,420, while the fiberglass piece is the most affordable at around $2,520, but this piece is only available from the end of July. That means these parts aren't exactly cheap, but if they were available locally, would you opt for them? The way we see it, the Type R is already a mad design - why not go for broke?

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