Mugen Tries Hard To Make New Roadster A More Worthy S2000 Successor

Added aggression makes all the difference.

Honda aftermarket firm Mugen has wasted absolutely no time in creating a new styling upgrade for the just-released Honda S660 Roadster. With an obvious attempt at toughening up the spiky little kei car, Mugen has revealed an aerodynamics package that adds new bumpers, extended side sills, a new spoiler, new front grille, darkened taillights, new 15- and 16-inch rims, and a new hardtop.

Inside, Mugen also provides a carbon gear shifter cover, a carbon or chrome rearview mirror cover, while the chassis can be upgraded with a sports suspension, stainless-steel exhaust, and beefier brakes. The list of upgrades also includes a high-performance oil filter, and Mugen metal emblems.

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