Mulgari Gives The McLaren 12C A New Lease Of Life

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Subtle upgrades combine with dramatic effect.

Ever since the McLaren 12C stepped foot onto the supercar world stage, tuning houses from across the globe have created aftermarket packages for the British-built brute. With McLaren's line up now standing at over a dozen models, there's plenty for tuners to choose from, yet Mulgari Automotive has just spent the past eight months creating a new look for the 12C. The British tuning house, based in Berkshire, UK, is now offering something it calls "Signature Vehicles," a new customization program that's being launched with the 12C.

The bespoke 12C has been dubbed "Project Twelve" and includes a range of subtle upgrades to give the car a unique flavor without being overly brash. A new body kit includes revised front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a carbon-fiber rear diffuser. The most obvious change is at the rear where a quad exhaust system, inspired by the McLaren F1 and created by Fabspeed USA, has been mounted. New alloys were sourced from Vossen, while the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 has been meddled with, reworking the ventilation system and on-board electronics, to eke out an extra 40 horses, taking output to 640 horsepower. Carbon-fiber bucket seats complete with Mulgari logos are the biggest changes to the 12C's cabin.

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