Mulliner Builds Unimaginably Useless Bentayga For World’s Most Obscure Sport


For the crowd that’s up to date on the current croquet champion or plays badminton on the regular.

Because not everyone is a car enthusiast, automakers are constantly trying to find ways to relate to their target audience. Chevrolet does it by making the Camaro the star of the Transformers movie series while Nissan built a limited edition Rogue for the latest Star Wars movie, aptly named “Rogue One.” But these are cars for the masses, so what happens when you’re in a marketing department and want to sell a car to the 1%? You forget the movies and go with highly niche sports, apparently.

That’s exactly what Bentley has done by teaming with its its in-house tuner, ex-coachbuilder Mulliner, to pimp out a Bentayga SUV for the ragingly popular sport of falconry. If you even have to ask, count yourself among those who will never know (or understand). The sport, which involves using trained falcons to hunt small or medium-sized game, is about as upper-class and British as it gets, and the custom outfit this Bentayga wears sounds like something a handful of well-heeled falconer customers would have asked Mulliner to build. Why it went mainstream we'll never know, but it could have had something to do with that darned marketing department trying to polish Bentley's name with anything upscale and niche.

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The heart of the modifications lie at the rear where a bespoke installation in the rear houses two natural cork-fabric-trimmed compartments in a single unit, one a flight station and the other a refreshment case. Both sit on a movable tray because, well, if you’re buying a Bentley to house a falcon that does your hunting for you, it’s safe to assume that exertion is foreign to you. Included among the sport-specific accessories, which are housed in this custom unit, are a GPS tracker for the bird, binoculars, leather hand-crafted bird hoods and gauntlets. In the refreshments tray are three metal flasks and durable cups as well as a blanket and face cloth.

Inside the cabin, Bentley outfits the Bentayga with a removable transportation perch and tether on the central armrest. Mulliner completes the touch by painstakingly inlaying 430 pieces of wood onto the dash panel to create a stunning delicate desert scene. A typical base Bentaygas starts near the quarter million dollar mark and those with the Mulliner touch tend to edge that number up significantly, but if you really have to know the price, you probably shouldn’t be looking into this car anyways. Perhaps something far cheaper like a Maserati Levante or an Audi Q7 will suffice?