Multi-Million-Dollar Black Corvette Collection Is Sublime

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These stunning murdered-out classic Vettes are headed to auction.

Corvettes look pretty boss in most any color. But they can look particularly sinister in black. The owner of this collection evidently thought so, and assembled an enviable garage of black vintage 'Vettes that he's now putting up for auction.

Set to feature at Mecum Auctions' upcoming Kissimmee sale in Florida next month, the Best In Black Corvettes Collection includes no fewer than eleven classic American sports cars – each murdered out in the darkest shade available. We reported on a matching pair of them earlier this month, but they're just the start.

Alongside the L88 coupe and roadster, the collection includes nine others – from a first-gen roadster to a '69 L89 coupe, spanning three generations of Chevy's flagship model.

The '62 convertible is the last C1 ever made, packing a 300-horsepower, 327-cubic-inch (5.4-liter) V8 that was far more potent than the straight six originally offered. It's been under single ownership for half a century, and is valued at $150-200k. Even more valuable is the '65 "Big Tank Fuelie" – the only one made in this combination, estimated to bring in $250-300k. But there's one more valuable still.

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Assessed at $350-450k, the '67 C2 Stingray convertible is a classic Corvette collector's dream, with the L71 427-ci (7.0-liter) V8 good for 435 horsepower with a four-speed.

Values drop somewhat from there, with a '64 convertible valued at $100-125k, a '60 convertible at $80-110k, a '67 coupe at $150-200k, a '66 coupe at $110-130k, a '65 convertible at $120-160k, and a '69 L89 coupe at $150-200k – far below the L88 duo that's expected to bring in well over a million for the pair. Best bring at least $2.5 million if you want to bring home the whole collection.

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