Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Has A Secret Any Gearhead Would Love

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Who cares about how many bedrooms there are when there's a 30-car garage lurking underground?

A $33.8-million mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut has hit the market and hides a secret so wonderful it would reduce any car lover to tears. In the basement, you'll find a gorgeous garage that can store up to 30 cars.

Judging by the photographs in the listing, the current owner is quite a Porsche 911 fanatic. Several examples fill the stunning underground garage, along with a first-generation Bentley Continental GT and a classic Porsche 356. The space has more in common with a museum exhibition; tasteful lighting, a plush Persian rug, and pristine floors add a touch of class and create an environment befitting pricey sports cars.


Should the cavernous garage prove incapable of holding your vast car collection, the seller notes there's space for an additional six cars, spread between the ground-level three-car garage and the positively decadent three-car porte cochere.

The grand property, set on 19.14 acres of land, has more than enough space to accommodate additional vehicles. The driveway cascades up to the palatial home, where you'll find a courtyard large enough to park plenty more cars. Aside from the obvious center of attraction, other appurtenances of gracious living include 10 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a heated pool, and seven fireplaces.

While not as majestic, Aston Martin recently had a go at building a luxurious home. Located in the affluent Tokyo suburb of Minami Aoyama, the four-story home boasts myriad amenities and a garage Aston refers to as an "automotive gallery."


Not to be outdone, Bentley is in the process of constructing the exclusive Bentley Residences in Miami. The apartment building is expected to impress even the grumpiest plutocrat, with cutting-edge features such as a multi-car garage and a vehicle elevator.

Impressive it may be, it's still no match for this mansion and its 30-car garage. In fact, there's only one house we can think of that gives it a run for its money - Alan Wilzig's New York residence, which has an actual 1.15-mile racetrack in the back garden.

Choosing between the two isn't easy but, while you make up your mind, let us know in the comments below what you'd park in your 30-car fantasy garage.


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