Munro MK_1 Pick-Up Revealed As One Of The World's Most Durable EVs

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At least, that's what the Scottish automaker claims.

  • MK_1 Pick-Up is Munro's second rugged EV after MK_1 Truck
  • Up to 375 hp and 516 lb-ft
  • 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds
  • Range of over 190 miles from the 82.4-kWh battery
  • Like MK_1 Truck, designed for 50 years of service

Scotland's Munro Vehicles has followed up last year's MK_1 Truck (which was an SUV) with the equally tough MK_1 Pick-Up, a fully electric pickup with 375 horsepower, a range of almost 200 miles, and almost unmatched off-road capabilities for an EV.

Munro hasn't tried to create a remotely pretty vehicle. Still, its utilitarian design speaks to the fact that it's targeted at customers who work in industries like mining, construction, and agriculture, challenging environments that would usually require the services of gas-guzzling vehicles. The MK_1 Pick-Up is not only a hard worker with zero emissions but has been engineered for 50 years of service.

Revealed here in Performance guise and with Munro yellow paintwork, the MK_1 pick-Up comes with a full-time 4x4 mechanical drivetrain designed to be easily repairable and reliable over all kinds of terrains and in all weather conditions.


This Performance version has a maximum braked towing capacity of 7,716 pounds, while the bed can accommodate a payload of up to 2,315 lbs.

To go along with its 375 horses, the MK_1 Pick-Up also has 516 lb-ft of torque to play with. For something that presumably has the aerodynamics of a brick, the Munro has a decidedly swift 0-60 mph time of 4.9 seconds. The company says that a 295-hp electric motor is available, as are Utility and Range trims. Ground clearance appears exceptional (we know the MK_1 Truck has 18.9 inches of clearance), but the bed itself does seem relatively short based on these pictures.

For such a large vehicle, the battery capacity of 82.4 kWh is relatively small, so the range is restricted to just over 190 miles. Then again, how far does one drive on a construction site? In such environments, 190 miles should be a manageable limiting factor, and Munro says that the vehicle can manage up to 16 hours of off-road use on a full charge.

This battery can be replenished from 15% to 80% in 36 minutes when connected to a 100 kW DC charger.


"We launched Munro to fill the significant gap in the market for an electric-powered, four-wheel drive, utilitarian workhorse," said Russell Peterson, Munro CEO and Co-Founder. "Our vehicles are designed and engineered without compromise from clean sheet principles unimpeded by any existing architecture. The result is a rugged construction created for decades of service delivering ultimate, go-anywhere, off-road ability."

Early demand for Munro's products has been good, with Peterson saying that the company has over 200 orders for the MK_1 Pick-Up. "Three [orders] have come from FTSE 100 companies and ten from FTSE 250 companies," said the CEO. "With a full two-year order book for both the MK_1 Pick-Up and the MK_1 Truck, Munro is having to expedite its search for larger premises to meet customer demand."


In the USA, there isn't anything else in the realm of the MK_1 Pick-Up, since both the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T are far more luxurious but not as suited to hard work. The closest rival to the Munro is the Bollinger B2 pickup that isn't here yet, but the two companies are already at each other's throats since Bollinger sued Munro. As discovered earlier this year by an inside source that Spoke to CarBuzz, this was because the Scottish company's vehicles look too much like the Bollinger models. Whether that leads to Munro having to change up its designs remains to be seen.

Further technical specifications and details about the Munro MK_1 Pick-Up's interior haven't been shared, but we expect the cabin to be similar to the MK_1 Truck's which you can see below.

Deliveries of the Pick-Up are due to start later this year, and it is priced from £49,995 (around $62,150 at current rates) excluding VAT. As Scotland's sole production car company, Munro is targeting a production run of 50 vehicles this year but hopes to deliver 2,500 units annually by 2027.


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