Murcielago Proves it Can Go Up in Flames With the Best of Them

Lamborghini really does try to match Ferrari tit for tat.

You know what sucks more than sitting in morning rush hourtraffic? Crashing in morning rush hour traffic while your car turns into afiery inferno, which is what happened to one unfortunate British Murcielagoowner. The incident occurred Friday morning at 9 am in the UK. The Murcielago, which was valued at over $400k, hit the side rail and started to catch on fire. The driver was not injured, but it tookfirefighters up to 2 hours to put out the flame, causing a seriously annoyingmorning for many on their way to work.

The real sad story here could be any of the gear heads stuck in traffic. Could you imagine being trapped watching this "Mercy"-elago burn for 2 hours? Oh the horror! Hat tip to Adrian Meehan.

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