Murder Out Your Pacifica Hybrid With New S Appearance Pack


Sorry Toyota, there's a new swagger wagon in town.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a lot of things: spacious, economical, even pretty good-looking – for a minivan, at any rate. “Sinister” isn't one of the attributes we'd ascribe to the tree-hugging family hauler. But Chrysler's out to change that with the new S Appearance Package. Already offered on the conventional Pacifica, the package is now being extended to the hybrid as well, murdering out the electrified minivan both inside and out. And though pictured with black bodywork, the package can be had with any of the ten colors currently offered.

The S Appearance Package for the Pacifica Hybrid includes a gloss-black grille, headlamp accents, daytime running light surrounds, and rear-valance molding. The 18-inch alloys are blacked out too, as are the roof rails and all the badges in what Chrysler calls a “black noise” finish. Inside it gets black upholstery with light gray accents and stitching, S logos, piano-black trim, and Anodized Ice Cave bezels and door trim. Pretty much everything else is black too, which might not be such a good idea for families with little kids, but might make the experience a little more stylish (as long as it can be kept clean).

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“The factory custom look of the S Appearance model is really resonating with our Pacifica buyers, so much so that we are now making it available on the Pacifica Hybrid model, as well,” said FCA's passenger-car chief Steve Beahm. “With 84 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) in electric-only mode and 33 miles of all-electric range this package makes the industry’s only hybrid minivan even more unique.” All it'll set you back is an extra $595 on the options sheet, with availability starting next month.