Murderous E63 AMG Wagon by RENNtech

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This is one mean mommy-mover.

We tend to be quite unambiguous when it comes to our love for wagons over SUVs and crossovers, especially when the wagons in question are insane power-wagons that mix awesome utility with rubber-burning performance and manic styling. If you're into the same thing, you will love this insane rendition of the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon by epic tuning firm, RENNtech. Based on the previous-generation, this car is insanely up-to-date and looks ready for war.

While performance specs have yet to be revealed, we do know that the R3 package adds a wild turbo upgrade, ECU software, an intercooler pump and downpipes with sport cats, in addition to transmission and differential upgrades. New brakes and suspension are also added, with a lowering module bringing the car to the ground. Exterior upgrades include satin bronze trim accents, blacked out everything, satin bronze HRE performance wheels and the mandatory rear diffuser and exhaust upgrades.

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