Muscle Cars are Even Cooler in Slow Motion

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"Everythang looks better in slow motion, this is the truth."... -Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle once demonstrated (and conclusively proved, as far as we're concerned) that everything is better in slow motion. Providing further evidence is the following videos, which shows us some muscle cars doing burnouts to warm up their tires at a drag strip. The video would be well shot even without the slow motion, but the extra drama added by the effect is cool. As an extra bonus, the cars also sound terrific, both in slow motion and at regular speed.

The slow down/speed up style of shooting might also put you in mind of The Matrix, but let's face it, Dave Chappelle is funnier.

A slightly goofier and possibly even cooler take on the subject is the following, a video which shows burnouts in slow motion and in reverse.

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