Musk: No Tesla Model S Recall in Wake of 3 Fires

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Nothing like the smell of smoldering lithium-ion in the morning.

For a time it seemed as if the Tesla Model S could do no wrong. Then one caught on fire. Then another one. And then another. So what the hell is going on here? Well, that's exactly what many are asking lately, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just stated that "there's definitely not going to be a recall." This statement comes after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration decided not to investigate the first fire that took place in Seattle last month. That Model S caught on fire after striking a metal object on the road.

The second fire happen in Mexico after the driver crashed into a wall. The third was caused when the car struck a tow hitch in the road. It appears that the battery pack suffered damage in at least two of these cases. But Musk is adamant that the NHTSA won't open an investigation in wake of the latest fire, stating that "If fire risk is your concern, you'd have a great deal of difficulty being in any better car than the Model S (which) is five times less (a) fire risk than the average gasoline car. Moreover, we've never had a serious injury or death."

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