Mustang Boss 302 Driven by Lottery Winner Crashed

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A frightening crash of a Mustang Boss 302 just North of Vancouver, BC miraculously results in no injuries.

Anyone lucky enough to actually win the lottery is not someone you would ever expect to be tight fisted with their new found winnings. Recent lottery winner Andrew Fraser of British Columbia wasn't. Mr. Fraser recently won a $1 Million grand prize in the Variety Children's Charity Lottery. He was quick to let the winnings flow and purchased a new Mustang Boss 302, which he has just crashed.

Needless to say the Boss is no ordinary car. It pays homage to its track-star forebears and the GT's 5.0-liter is upgraded with new intake runners, revised camshafts, and more aggressive engine controls, raising output from the 412hp to 444. Torque drops slightly, from 390lb-ft to 380. Boss Models feature an Alcantara-covered steering wheel, dark metallic dash and door panels, a black shift knob, and cloth seats with "suede-like" center inserts. Miraculously Mr. Fraser and his passengers were unhurt. It's safe to say he has now won life's lottery twice.

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