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Mustang Driver Attempts Drift, Crashes Into Lamborghini Dealership

Fail / 13 Comments

We’ll keep publicly shaming these Mustang drivers until they stick to hooning on private roads.

Another day, another dollar, another Mustang crashes when trying to pull off a showy drift while pulling out of a lot. At least you know one thing, car stereotypes hold some truth because it appears that Mustang owners are some of the most consistent of them all. We recently drove one, a GT350 no less, and found that our inner teenager was coaxed back into existence with all the hormonal need for attention intact. The only difference now was that we actually had keys to a 500+ horsepower beast.

Still, if there's anything we learned from our precious week with the Shelby, it was that it deserves a healthy level of respect and practice in a private enclosed area with zero chance of hitting anything until mastery is attained. Even at that stage, it's necessary to always watch your back.

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Or in this case, your tail. That's the opposite of what this driver decided to do. As the comments read, the driver asked the cameraman behind this facepalm-inducing video to film as they were exiting a Lamborghini dealership because they wanted to pull off a drift. So for one, there was self-imposed pressure for this inexperienced driver to preform. And then we need to take into account that it's raining, giving us a perfect example of Darwin's theory in action. No matter the level of intelligence, F=MA applies to everyone, and it wasn't long before that meant the nose of this Mustang (a V6 no less) was buried in the fence of the Lamborghini dealership. Humiliation aside, at least no Lamborghinis or humans were harmed.