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Mustang Driver Caught Speeding Twice Ends Up In Jail

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If at first you fail, then fail and fail again.

A Ford Mustang driver in Nebraska spent a night in jail after she mistakenly took her first speeding ticket as a motivational post-it and decided to go even faster. According to Fox News, the Lincoln County Nebraska Sheriff's Office reported that Chauntl Wilson of Council Bluffs was spotted speeding at 92mph in a 75mph zone down I-80 in her yellow 2018 Ford Mustang at 1:00 am on Saturday morning. They pulled her over, gave her a citation and sent her on her way.

And boy did she get going, the deputies watching her depart said that she accelerated very rapidly and was soon traveling at 142 mph according to their radar gun. They then chased her down which must have been quite a feat seeing as she was already a fair way down the road by that time. It is unclear which Mustang she was driving other than it being listed as a 2018 model, however judging by her speed we would guess it was one of the 460 hp 5.0-liter V8s.

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She also initially refused to pull over which is never a good look and was finally arrested for willful and reckless driving. Seeing as she was in such a hurry, the officers also conducted a search of the yellow Mustang. They found a small amount of marijuana inside the car which as far as we are aware is not an available factory option on 2018 Mustangs. It is also illegal to possess marijuana in Nebraska and comes with a $300 fine and a possible drug education course. Perhaps Chauntl would also benefit from a driver safety course too, driving at those speeds on public roads is never going to end well.