Mustang Driver Crashes into a Tree

A Mustang driver crashes into a tree in front of dozens of people at an Easter Sunday car show. His shame will never fade away.

An Easter Sunday car show has turned into an embarrassing outing for one Ford Mustang owner in the UK. The driver was pulling out of the parking lot where a Big Breakfast meet was taking place in Malton, England - similar to a Cars & Coffee event you'd find in the US. He began to accelerate as he was rolling down with the street with the other cars but somehow lost control of the car and proceeded to smash directly into a tree. Just how he managed to pull such an idiotic move is beyond us, but there are a few clues.

From what we can tell in this video, there appeared to be a police van driving towards the Mustang, so it’s possible the driver suddenly hit the brakes a little too hard. Whatever the exact cause of the accident, things were made even worse by having a large audience on hand to witness the whole thing.

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