Mustang Driver Crashes Into Brother's Cayman S In Failed Overtake Attempt


Two brothers go for a drive, one in a Mustang and another in a Porsche. Guess which one crashes into the other.

When you hear a story like this all you can do is shake your head in shock. Then you laugh, but first comes the shock. Redditor BowlerNona took to the r/cars subreddit to share the story of how his Mustang GT-driving brother crashed into his Porsche Cayman S (a 987). The two were out for a drive with the Porsche brother leading the way. While on a residential street with a speed limit of 30 mph the Mustang brother hit the gas in an overtake attempt. Can you guess how that extremely dumb idea worked out?

There are two angles of this crash, one filmed from a dash cam mounted in the front of the car and another from out the rear window. It's only by viewing both can you see BowlerNona's brother reach peak Mustang driver. Here's the front view.

The best part about that angle is seeing the Porsche brother get out of the car with his arms up. We can't hear what he said but a good guess is something along the lines of, "What the fu**?!" In the second angle you can see the genesis of the bad idea and the 2015 Mustang lose control.

BowlerNona says no one was hurt and that his car is in the shop. His brother's insurance is covering the damage. He's been replying to comments and answering questions on Reddit and seems to be taking everything well, at least so far. Unfortunately the Mustang brother doesn't seem to have learned much from the incident. He blamed the crash on his tires not being wide enough. Seriously. We hope everything works out for this guy and that his family stays intact. Mustang owners, please take this as a cautionary tale. If you're going to crash into someone at least be to not hit your brother. If you do plan to smack into your brother while cruising at least disable his dash cams first. Damage photos via BowlerNona on Imgur.

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