Mustang GT And Focus RS Face Off In The Epic Battle Of The Fords

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The Blue Oval now makes a few similarly priced performance cars that couldn't be more different.

Ford wants to move more cars in the UK. Hell, it wants to move more cars all the time in any region, obviously, but in this case it just so happens to have a wider variety of performance-oriented picks for its European buyers, who were previously only stuck with a single choice. That would be the Ford Focus RS, a longtime staple of the European rally stage. Other American performance Fords like the Mustang were only imported into the UK one Bullit DVD at a time unless an unusually avid fan was willing to spend the extra dough.

All that changed when Ford's genius bean counters thought that it might just be a good idea to swap what side the steering wheel was on, add an independent rear suspension, and send it over to Europe to see if any "Petrolheads" would bite the bait. And bite they have.

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With a greater presence in Europe thanks to the fact that the Mustang can be purchased from European dealerships, the pony car has been propelled to the top of the list, becoming the world's best-selling sports car. European buyers, however, may be wondering which of the Blue Oval's performance cars they should spend their savings on. Is it the muscle car with the big bruising V8 and line lock or the turbocharged rally racer that'll tear it up in the corners or shred its rubber in drift mode? It could come down to power, with the Mustang making 460 horsepower at the rear and the Focus RS coping with 350 going to all four wheels. The choice hard, but equally as hard is going wrong with either car.

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