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Mustang is the Most-Wanted Classic Car in Europe

It turns out that many Europeans have a thing for American muscle.

The Ford Mustang is undeniably one of the coolest cars ever made. With the exception of the Mustang II, the original pony car has always been immensely popular in the US and, as it turns out, in Europe too. According to a recent survey, Europeans chose the Mustang as the most desired classic car. A total of 37 percent of those surveyed opted for the Mustang, while the BMW M1 came in second at 20 percent followed by the Volkswagen Beetle at 11 percent.

A Ford of Europe marketing exec proudly stated that the Mustang "is more than a car, it’s the freedom of the open road and the spirit of performance’s been a fundamental part of global automotive culture for almost half a century and is one of the world’s most recognizable vehicles." And it’s not only classic Mustangs that Europeans dig. The Mustang Customizer online app has so far attracted more than 500,000 visits from Europe since it launched last year. 4.5 million people have checked it out from 49 countries, but get this: Germany is the second largest source of visits worldwide.

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