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Mustang Loving Father Traded A Real Pony For A 1965 Mustang

Conveniently enough, their family name is Speed.

It all began many years ago when the late Gilbert Speed realized that an actual pony was too small for his seven kids to ride. But instead of selling the pony and using the funds to buy, say a real horse, Speed instead purchased a 1965 Ford Mustang. Today, his kids have carried on his legacy with a passion for – what else – pony cars, specifically the Mustang. They are now involved in the business of buying and restoring old Mustangs. Ford pickup trucks, including an F-150, F-250 and F-350 Super Duty are used to transport those cars to shows.

And show them off the siblings do, mainly because their collection has grown over the years to include three 1969 Mach 1s, two 1970 Mach 1s, two 1971 Mach 1s and a 1973 convertible. The youngest brother, Chester, is the one who began the whole restoration thing when he bought and restored a ’65 Mustang back in 1980, and his siblings followed suit. The siblings love to bring their Mustang collection to shows in the American south at least twice a year, specifically in Georgia and Florida, the states where the siblings reside. "We really enjoy getting the Mustangs out on I-75 and just kind of have our own little parade – our own rolling car show," says one of the brothers. Not a bad passion for a father to instill in his children.

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