Mustang Mach-E Owners Are Fed Up With Dead Batteries

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A software bug is wreaking havoc.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is loaded with some seriously cool features. It offers loads of tech and is already stealing sales from Tesla, though Volkswagen is making those achievements look inconsequential. Ford has more than just competition to deal with though, as new internal problems with the Mach-E have shown up.

A new report by The Verge is highlighting a surprising issue with early versions of the Mach-E. According to the story, the Mach-E may struggle to start because of a software bug that stops the low-voltage battery in the car from being charged when plugged in. And with no alternator like you'd find in a regular car, it can't charge itself during driving.

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According to forum users, this issue came to light after the severely cold weather that came after the EV's launch. What's happening is that the traditional low-voltage battery that gets things started (unrelated to the high-voltage batteries powering the motors turning the wheels) is not getting the trickle charge it needs when you plug the car in to charge. What's worse is that Ford recommends keeping the EV plugged in while not in use in cold weather to make sure that the battery is conditioned for maximum range. The end result is that the low-voltage battery spends extended periods of time not being charged and is eventually depleted.

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According to NHTSA, the issue is related to "parameters in the powertrain control module." The problem only applies to Mach-Es built before February 3rd this year, but there were loads of them sold in the first quarter of 2021 already, so there are likely quite a few models that are vulnerable to the issue.

They'll have to take theirs into the dealer to get the problem rectified for now, but Ford says that an over-the-air software update rolling out later this year will fix the issue. Hopefully, there aren't too many other early quibbles with the car, or Ford's vision of a successful EV could fall on its face.

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Source Credits: The Verge

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