Mustang Owners, Relax: Camaros Also Crash At Cars & Coffee

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Mustang owners and Camaro owners have a lot in common.

The Internet has recently had a bit of fun laughing at all of the Ford Mustang owners who have crashed at Cars & Coffee events. When leaving these events, owners sometimes feel the need to show off their car, which sometimes results in a of control and a big crash. We have wondered why it was mostly Mustangs that have been crashing, but it turns out other American cars do it too! At a recent Cars & Coffee event in Reno, Nevada, a Camaro dragster got a little too excited when leaving the event. Needless to say, it didn't end well.

The driver was uninjured in the crash, and luckily the car did not go anywhere near any pedestrians. Perhaps this crash will take some of the heat off Mustangs. Overall the best move when leaving a C & C is to be safe. You never know when you'll lose control and potentially injure someone or damage your car and ego.

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