Mustang Owners, This Is How You Safely Exit A Cars & Coffee

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See, it's not so hard after all!

We here at CarBuzz may not have started the whole Mustangs always crash at Cars & Coffee meme explosion, but we definitely contributed greatly to it. The meme seemed to have reached its zenith back in April, but unfortunately for 'Stang owners Internet commenters still continue to make fun of them and their crowd-seeking cars. Fortunately Doug DeMuro has teamed up with American Muscle to show all would-be hooners how to safely exit Cars & Coffee. The demo car is a tuned 850-horsepower Mustang GT.

This is a car that's basically begging to be driven into a curb in front of a crowd. Now this video is as tongue-in-cheek as they come, so our apologies if you were expecting tips on how to do sweet burnouts or powerslides in public.

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