Mustang Sales Continue to Soar

An all-new Mustang is less than a year away but that's not stopping customers from grabbing the existing model.

Despite all of the online rumors swirling around the next-generation Mustang, due to be unveiled next March at the New York Auto Show, the current model still continues to be a strong seller. We’re not in the least bit surprised. According to Ford’s official numbers, Mustang sales for last month were higher by more than 1,000 units when compared to April. The reason for this surge was due to more aggressive incentives and higher rebates as Ford made clear to dealerships that it’s time to clear out the existing model in order to make way for the new one.

However, despite the increase in May 2013 Mustang sales of 8,797 units, it’s still down from last May’s total of 10,427, a 15.6 percent decrease. Still, the Mustang outsold the Camaro (7,929) and the Challenger (5,537) last month. With less than a year to go until the new Mustang premieres, it’ll be interesting to see how the existing model sells especially when stacked against its direct competitors.

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