Mustang Turns Go-Kart after Tornado

Surviving the Oklahoma tornado, Mustang epitomizes “Built Ford Tough.”

Last month’s Oklahoma tornado devastated homes and flatted entire neighborhoods. So when Moore resident Jack Haden emerged from his storm cellar after the EF5 tornado had wreaked havoc he feared the worst for his Stang. The impact of 200+ mph winds on the 2003 Mustang was clear to see, but amazingly the V6 under what’s left of the hood fired up. In an impressive show of resilience and to cheer up the depressed locals, Haden transformed the weather-worn muscle car into a go-kart by stripping off the doors, roof and fenders, and took it for a spin around town.

He also performed an obligatory burnout on a new set of tires, which you can watch here courtesy of 1320video. If you feel for the Tornado Stang and its plucky owner and want to donate, AmericanMuscle is raising money to get Haden a new Mustang and for the OK Strong disaster relief fund.

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