MWDesign Project BMW E89 Z4 "White Flame"

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American tuning firm MWDesign has a new project called "White Flame" and the company used the BMW E89 Z4 as the basis of their latest project. Each vehicle that MWDesign works on has a sense of modern minimalist design expressed through layers of texture with materials, color and specific custom parts. The "White Flame" project is a follow up to the highly successful black and lime green "Slingshot" project.

The exterior of the tuned vehicle sports an intermittent color blocked pinstripe theme that runs from the nose of the car, closely following the bold character lines of the E89 Z4. The interior is fitted with some red/black sport striping which complements the exterior arrangement. To upgrade the performance, the tuner installed a new diffuser and fitted a Milltec Catback Exhaust System and powercoated the entire system matte silver in a ceramic-like finish. The result is one truly beautiful car.

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