Mysterious Lexus LFA Roadster Concept Arrives Topless In Tokyo

Nice to see, but still not coming to production.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a droptop Lexus LFA of course. The first example was revealed at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, and a one-off LFA Spyder also exists. You can check out Jay Leno driving it around the Fuji Speedway here. The carmaker has previously made it clear there are no plans to roll this out as a production model, yet at the Media Ambition Tokyo in Roppongi Hills, a yellow example is now on display.

The aim of the exhibit is to showcase “advanced technology art” and the Lexus convertible comes with a video & sound installation called “1,220,” which could be a reference to the LFA’s 1,220 mm height. Visitors to the show will be able to sit in the car while the massive screen above it displays a range of locations, enabling those behind the wheel to enjoy the sensation of driving the supercar.

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