Mysterious OTX Trademark Hints At New Ford Special Edition

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Could this be a new trim for the Maverick or F-150 Lightning?

New trademark filings from leading automakers are often the first sign that something exciting is on the horizon. Back in 2016, Ford trademarked the 'Maverick' name which, of course, has come to be used for the Blue Oval's upcoming small truck. But the latest trademark filing from Ford is more of a head-scratcher. The company has trademarked the name 'OTX' and it's not immediately clear what this name could be used for. OTX doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as a new model name so we speculate that it's more likely a reference to an optional package or a new piece of technology.

The Fast Lane Truck/YouTube
The Fast Lane Truck/YouTube

According to the official listing from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the identification for the trademark applies broadly to motor vehicles like pickups, SUVs, automobiles, EVs, and off-roaders, as well as their structural parts. OTX could also be in reference to a future trim level, potentially on new Fords like the F-150 Lightning or the upcoming Maverick. The application filing date was just a few days ago on May 14, which was shortly before the reveal of the F-150 Lightning, so it's not crazy to imagine that OTX will have something to do with the groundbreaking electric truck.

Side View Driving Ford
Driving Front Angle Ford

As always, we'll keep a close eye on anything Ford reveals over the next few months to see if the OTX name surfaces. Whether or not that actually happens, there's a lot going on at Ford that we don't need to speculate about at all. The Bronco - although afflicted by frustrating production delays - isn't far off and the powerful new F-150 Lightning has finally been revealed. We have already been taken for a test ride in the truck and, as expected, it provides dramatic acceleration on normal roads and excellent abilities in off-road conditions. We'll let you know as soon as we're afforded the opportunity to get behind the wheel ourselves.

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Front Angle View Ford
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