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Mystery New Toyota TRD Pro Off-Roader Coming Tomorrow

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Which truck or SUV will it be?

Toyota already announced that it will unveil an updated Tacoma pickup truck at this year's Chicago Auto Show, which gets underway tomorrow, February 7. Details about it remain under lock and key but we'll know everything very soon. And as it turns out, Toyota will unveil yet another truck or SUV in the Windy City. The automaker has just announced, only one day before the reveal, that a "new TRD Pro off-road beast will be unleashed" at the show.

Furthermore, it will "lead the charge for a host of updates across the TRD Pro lineup."

Only a single teaser image has been released so far and it's purposely unclear whether it's the Tacoma, Tundra, or 4Runner.

Then again, there's always room for a surprise, such as a TRD Pro RAV4. But we doubt that simply because TRD PRO has been designated solely for body-on-frame trucks and SUVs, not car-based crossovers despite the latest RAV4 being more off-road capable than ever. Then again, because Toyota said this will be a "new" TRD Pro vehicle, it's also entirely possible the new vehicle will be a hardcore off-road variant of either the Sequoia or Land Cruiser SUVs. Between the two, we'd bet on the former.

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Remember, Toyota already revealed the 2020 Land Cruiser Heritage Edition, which will also make its debut appearance at Chicago. Having two unique Land Cruisers sounds unlikely. The Sequoia is also the SUV version of the Tundra, and since a Tundra TRD Pro already exists, a majority of the engineering is in place for a Sequoia counterpart. It just makes sense.

Whatever the chosen vehicle turns out to be, it'll come with the typical TRD Pro off-road accessories, such as TRD-tuned springs, Bilstein shocks, and off-road tires. We'll have all of the details tomorrow.