Mythbusters Plows Through 14 Years Of Memorabilia With A Giant Truck

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Host Adam Savage is having the time of his life.

After a long time of proving and disproving hearsay on television, "Mythbusters" put together an exhibition of depravity that is far and away one of the coolest things it's ever done on the show. One of the hosts, Adam Savage, takes a wedge, fits it to a truck, and plows through "14 years of history, just for you!" Let it be said that "Mythbusters" takes care of its audience. It also helps us remember that learning critical limits of physics is important, specifically what happens when a wedge with several tons of truck and lots of power behind meets a stationary sedan.

Or, say if the lasers from a Star Wars blaster are slow enough to dodge. They've even had a few episodes that cater to the gearhead scene. Beyond that, it's just fun to destroy things.

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