NanoFlowcell Quantino Twentyfive Is A Batteryless Electric Car That'll Do 0-62 MPH In 2.5 Seconds

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And it's probably coming to America.

London-based nanoFlowcell Holdings plc (NFC) has set up a US subsidiary in New York called nanoFlowcell USA LLC, through which it aims to sell the Quantino twentyfive, an electric sports car without a battery.

While the arrival of yet another EV brand is no surprise, nanoFlowcell is a fascinating study. Like VinFast, it takes an entirely different approach to EV batteries. VinFast famously offers a battery lease program, while nanoFlowcell's vehicles aren't equipped with a battery at all.

Instead, the Quantino twentyfive, is equipped with six cells holding 33 gallons of bi-ION fuel from seawater or industrial water waste. Think of it as Porsche synthetic fuel but for electric vehicles.

The fuel carries nano-structured bi-ION molecules that power four low-voltage 60 kW electric motors. The claimed range from the 33-gallon tank is roughly 1,200 miles, and the 2+2 seater sports car can hit 62 mph from a standstill in a claimed 2.5 seconds.

NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell

"Our nanoFlowcell flow cell and bi-ION energy carrier are key technologies for a successful energy transition," said Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO, and CTO of nanoFlowcell Holdings plc. "We need to make energy from renewable energy safe, storable and transportable to drive environmentally sustainable economic growth. This requires a well-thought-out strategy and the development of the appropriate infrastructure."

That's where the USA comes in. NFC noticed the accelerated expansion of renewable energy sources under the Inflation Reduction Act. To most automotive enthusiasts, the act is merely a way for an automotive company to spend billions in government funding to get EV manufacturing and charging infrastructure off the ground, but it's a reasonably hefty document that covers everything from lowering prescription drug prices to increasing the IRS's funding to find and prosecute more tax dodgers.

NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell

The immediate reaction is that nanoFlowcell wants some of that sweet government funding, but it says it has no interest in the money. "We will not seek government investments for nanoFlowcell USA to expand our manufacturing facilities and infrastructure in the United States," said La Vecchia. "Where appropriate, we will enter into strategic partnerships to build and expand manufacturing and infrastructure and to integrate nanoFlowcell technologies into all sectors of the economy."

In short, nanoFlowcell sees the USA as the country where it can produce its bi-ION fuel at a reasonable cost much quicker, as low as 10 cents per liter. The fact that it also mentions strategic partnerships leads us to believe that other manufacturers might want to equip their vehicles with the technology in Quantino twentyfive.

The 2+2 roadster is a niche model, but a Ford Mustang Mach-E running on recycled seawater would be more attractive to the average American.

NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell NanoFlowcell

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