NanoFlowcell's Quant F And Quantino Use Saltwater To Create Electric Juice

We are still highly skeptical.

Let's start off here with the claims being made for this pair of EV concepts before we get into how it ain't happening. There are two cars being shown by the Liechtenstein-based company, NanoFlowcell, at the Geneva Motor Show. There is the Quant F, which supposedly has in excess of 1,000 hp and a 500-mile range from its revolutionary new form of batteries. The smaller Quantino is said to have 136 hp and be able to travel more than 600 miles on a charge.

The “batteries” in these cars use a charged sort of saltwater to create electricity. This would theoretically mean just topping up instead of long charging times, but here's the rub: there is zero evidence that such a thing exists, or even anything close to it. That someone could develop a more advanced form of battery is not impossible to imagine, but that this one company has made a sudden leap so far ahead of the rest of the world is doubtful. Most important to remember is that this is the same company which claimed to have a breakthrough form of solar cell just five years ago. It never showed up either.

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