NASA's Mars Rover Concept Vehicle Has Otherworldly Abilities

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No earthly off-roader has anything on this.

If aliens landed on the moon, they'd quickly come to find that Americans had trekked its surface by looking at the clues left by the Apollo missions. It wouldn't be the American flag floating in an airless world that makes it most obvious to the aliens, nor would it be the thermo-stabilized cheddar cheese spread, hot dogs, and bacon cubes in the space ship storage compartments. No, it would be the lunar rover that does the trick. Americans are so infatuated with the automobile that we couldn't bear to leave this world without one.

And now, as talk of extending our species' reach past the moon and on to Mars ramps up, NASA has taken the initiative of unveiling a concept vehicle at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, that it one day envisions will be driven on the red planet by the pioneers of the future.

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Six wheels and an aggressive alien design are the most notable characteristics of the vehicle's design alongside the hollow wheels. Its sheer size may be the most intimidating thing about it. Standing at 11 feet tall, 24 feet long, and 13 feet wide, the Mars Concept Vehicle seems too large to be shot into space and land safely on Mars. You'll be happy to know that the vehicle is actually designed by the Parker Brothers, the same duo that designed the futuristic motorcycles in the movie Tron. We're only glad CBS This Morning got a peep inside the craft as well because the interior is as impressive as the rugged body.

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