NASCAR Fan Freaks Out After Meeting Her Favorite Driver While Stuck In Traffic

What a great way to meet your hero.

This is a pretty cool story. A NASCAR fan, wearing a Kyle Busch hat, was minding her own business in the passenger seat of a pickup truck. NASCAR driver Kyle Busch pulled up right next to her and noticed the cap. He honks his horn to get her attention, and at first she doesn't know who is behind the wheel. Busch then rolls down his window and tries again to get her attention. She finally realizes that her hero is sitting in the car right next to her! Her reaction is about what you'd expect.

After genuinely freaking out, she reaches over to Busch's car and he signs her hat. Her reaction is absolutely priceless and Busch probably gave her a great memory and even more reason to be her favorite driver. There's a lot of bad stuff on the Internet, so tune out all the negativity for a second by watching this video.

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