Nasser Al-Thani's Pink Chrome and Purple Aventador Appears in Cannes

Only a Qatari royal would buy a Lamborghini and paint it this shade of purple.

The Lamborghini Aventador has been swathed in its share of strange colors (including a unique finish made out of real gold), but Nasser al-Thani's might take the cake for most controversial color out there today. The Qatari prince's Aventador has been wrapped in pink chrome and finished in satin, leading to a unique fuchsia tint. Videographer Shmee150 also notes that al-Thani had a custom exhaust system installed by Lambrghini Newport Beach, along with a giant rear wing inspired by the previous Murcielago LP670-4 SV.

The video was shot just outside the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, France, where it was delivered via a specialized transport truck. If anything, it's safe to say this Aventador is one-of-a-kind. Or at least we hope it is.

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