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Nearly All Driving Enthusiasts Feel This Way About Self-Driving

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Sometimes a little sarcasm makes everything better.

In case you haven't noticed, autonomous technology is here and it's here to stay. For those who don't really care about driving, this major technological and cultural change will probably be welcomed. But for those (meaning us) who happen to really like driving on a daily basis, then the encroaching self-driving car is not a good thing. Automakers are all about it these days. Just look at what's happening at CES and, believe it or not, next week at Detroit.

Right now we're at Level 3 autonomy, with Level 5 being where the car does everything and no human effort is needed. It'll be sad. Very sad. But for now, Car Bros is here for a good laugh about the whole thing once again. You may remember these guys' shenanigans in the past, most recently for their "test drive" of the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1.

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Best example: getting thrown out of SEMA for drunkenness. Hilarious stuff. Now they're here to show us their so-called vision for the future of autonomous driving. It's called CHAD. It's a robot. And it wants to be your best friend, or at least take you to Chipotle after a hard day of work. CHAD also has an attitude, a preference for drag racing, and what's probably a highly inappropriate location for a plug-in charger. Watch the video. You'll get the idea.